We believe that strategic change needs to happen as fast as possible! Each strategic change project requires an exceptional performance from the concerned organisation that must handle the ordinary business while performing the change. Like in a sprint, this exceptional performance cannot be delivered indefinitely. Over time, the initial motivation can turn into “change fatigue” or, worse, “change resistance”.

Insufficient resources is the main cause for slow and ineffective strategic change projects. Very often, organisation have internally management resources with the competencies required to address the strategic change project, but the resources are caught up with the existing business. In other cases, organisations might require time to build internally the missing competencies. 

In both cases, we can provide to our customers additional management power for specific tasks and for a limited duration, usually between 3 and 12 months. During this period, the manager delivering the service has an official function in the organisation and reports accordingly. As external professionals, not interested in a long term engagement, we are perceived as a help and not a threat by the existing management.

These are some of the functions that we have provided as a management service in the past:

  • Project Manager, reporting to the CEO or general manager:  often a new function created specifically for the management of the change project.
  • Function Manager, reporting to the CEO or general manager: in some situation there is a need to fill an existing gap in the management team during the hiring process.
  • Transition Manager, reporting to the CEO, the general manager, or another member of the management team:  responsibility for the creation of a new division or team according to the strategy. This function includes almost always an active role in the recruitment process of the manager that will take over the responsibility.
  • CEO / COO, reporting to the board of directors or to the CEO: in an emergency situation in order to allow a smoother nomination/preparation of an internal candidate or an external selection process.

Painting “Maschera” by Antonella Vitali